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Hey my friends!!


As I am getting things going I thought I would update you all with a few of my thoughts.


It has been an interesting few months, as we transitioned from in person schooling to remote/homeschooling. As my son Jon has attempted to learn through zoom meetings, as we knew he struggled big time. I was upset at the fact that his routine was totally taken away. I was at a loss as to what to do. He has an IEP that I help create every year. He could no longer see his friends, nor could he sing in choir, nor could he do coffee cart as well as his recycling. He was obviously irritated at the opportunity to ride the school bus and see his friends. We as parents were at the point of not knowing how to help him.


After some prayers and thought as to what we could do, I decided to create a new routine. I decided to set the IEP that we worked so hard on aside. There was not much I could do at this time about him not getting the help he needed from school. Instead of trying to accomplish all that we started over. 


Instead of doing coffee cart, we decided to teach Jon how to use money and buy coffee, thus making it a twofold opportunity. He would dispense the coffee put the lid on and then go and pay for it!! He has since became a professional coffee master, and became pretty consistent with counting money!!


Next we decided to let him be way more involved in picking and choosing his own food while grocery shopping. SCORE BIG WIN!! He is pretty predictable about what he wants, but he does it all himself!!


Jon does a lot of verbal stimming, so he is pretty entertaining. We took advantage of this by allowing him to listen to music without headphones!! He is pretty good at singing and dancing. So we considered this his music class.


Recycling is Jon’s favorite!! He loves separating cardboard, aluminum and plastic. He loves to flatten everything and put it in the proper containers. He has learned how to differentiate other items that might be questionable as far as trash!


Jon was able to do reading and math with is classmates through zoom meetings. He loved seeing his teachers and friends. 


So to say that we have successfully did school work, yes we did in our way and in our time. Progress is progress and I will take it!!


Why do I say all of this to you?? I say all of this to you because the next school year may/may not start the same way it ended. We as parents need to be able to shift our thinking. We need to make sure our kids are mentally doing well. We need to focus on them. I don’t know what this school year will look like for us, but I know how I will continue to work with Jon. We will get things done to the best of our ability. 


If you are reading this and just need to talk, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am more than happy to visit with you!!



Love to all