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Hello to all of you.


I thought I would take a moment and let you know how our summer looked. For obvious reasons our summer was about being able to pivot around so many things. 


Jon had been out of school since March, which meant that we had to create a new normal for him as well as our family. He is truly an amazing young man, being able to cope with far more than even I could imagine.We had to figure out how to work with his IEP so that he would not lose the skills he had learned in school. I took it upon myself to set aside his IEP so we could use his abilities at home.  He was willing to learn in a different way than he normally would with school. He quickly developed a routine that we helped him establish and continued to grow as a young man. 


What I was impressed with was how his speech has grown. He is starting to ask more questions and give more detailed  answers. He has expressed more emotions and is more tolerable to change. He taught his mom that wearing a mask was not going to be a problem for him. He will be just fine when school starts.


I personally had to take time off from work because I could not physically see myself wearing a mask. I took six weeks off to try to work up to wearing a mask for extended time. I did manage to get to six hours and I can proudly say that I am back to work.


It was within this time frame that things started picking up speed with my business. I have made some amazing connections and I am working on some opportunities that have been presented to me, not only in my community, but with my presentation on Autism in the Workplace. I have had the opportunity to spend time with some amazing leaders as well. 


I am currently working on a project that i will be announcing in the near future. Stay connected with me and watch for my future updates.


Love you all