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About Mary


walking with others through the process


I am a mother of 3 boys (Shawon, Wyatt and Jonathan). I’ve been married to my best friend and biggest cheerleader Steven for 26 years. I am a proud Army veteran! I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My favorite hobbies are any kind of sports, my family and friends.


Our Mission & Approach


All of my son’s are on the autism spectrum. Each one of them fall on the spectrum in different ways. It is because of them that I have decided to create this website.

This site will be designed to reach people who are newly diagnosed, already have a diagnosis, or need help getting a diagnosis. I’m taking things I’ve learned from my son’s and many others on spectrum and teaching others how to navigate schooling, diagnosis, self care, and getting employment as an adult.

I’m a very motivated person when it comes to the subject at hand. If I don’t know the answer, I will either find it out for you or i will directly link you with another family that is going through the same thing, and is willing to help you! I am here to direct and guide you with the utmost respect and loyalty I can possibly give!! Thanks for visiting my website!! Stay humble in Jesus!!


Amazing Things Happen

Alexander’s film gives an uplifting introduction to autism for young non-autistic audiences, aiming to raise awareness, understanding and tolerance in future generations.


Published on Jul 18, 2017

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What I Do

Understanding Autism

I help others understand autism better. 


I do presentations for groups.

Following Up

Being there for each other is primary.

Love and Compassion

Building a community in the life of autism.


Interview with Preston Harris CEO of PHE MOTIVATION. We talk about things like:

  • How I work with people on the Autism spectrum, and what I am doing with my son at this time
  • How my business started and what I am doing to educate people


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Believe in your child so much the world thinks you're crazy.

Then believe more.