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Most of my life I have had a family.

Mom, Dad and three brothers.


I’ve also had many friends, most of them guys.


As I have grown older I’ve gone a different path from my brothers. 


I have a family of my own. Of course with all boys. 


I’m pretty sure my granddaughter thinks it’s amazing, because she is the recipient of everything pink from me.


What I really want to talk about is the people that I have been friends with that have become my family.


I have really enjoyed the past two years.


In those two years I have changed my whole mindset about how I view my friends.


I have an amazing accountability partner and sister. Without her I’m almost certain I would not be writing this.


She has taught me to chase my dreams and do what I’m passionate about.


She has hugged me, she has taught me that anger does nothing. She has showed me how to be more positive and show more kindness.


I’m forever grateful to have Kayleen in my life. She is my sister and I’m forever grateful.


Fast forward to 10 months ago, I found two more ladies that fast became friends.


What has happened in these last 10 months has been nothing short of God’s leading and guiding.


I have without a doubt come to realize that I have two amazing ladies that I have come to appreciate more than words can ever say.


Although neither one of them live remotely close to me, I feel a closeness to them.


I can call them or message them and they will help in any way they can.


I also have a friend who is one that will sit and watch what I’m doing and cheer me on when things look daunting.


She by far is my biggest cheerleader!! She like the others wants me succeed at everything I do but she is my shadow. She is my hero. I love my Jessica.


So if your keeping track, I grew up with brothers, I have all boys. NO SISTERS!!


These 4 ladies are my sisters. Sisters through love and kindness with a whole lot of spunkiness and sarcasm.


So I say to you, surround yourself with people who WANT to be a part of your life.


Find those people who don’t judge you, but hold you accountable.


Find your friends that are your family!!




Love you Jessica Mc, Kayleen H, Chou H and Catherine H.