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When life completely stops everything you know!!


March 2020 was a time that put things on a whole new level for us!!


Jon is on the spectrum. He is a hands on learner. He does so much within his class setting. He needs to see his friends. He needs to know that everything is in its place. HE NEEDS ROUTINE!!


When we went to virtual learning our world changed just like so many others. I was unsure how much I would be able to teach him, not that I wasn’t a teacher, but because my son was changing and growing up. 


I needed to figure out how to teach him without totally changing his routine. I needed to learn my son.


We struggled with zoom meetings at first. I had to find away to transition from classroom to HOMEROOM. 


I made the decision to set Jon’s IEP aside, after all I had helped create it, so I did just that. We were gonna try a new way of learning for Jon. 


Instead of doing things the way he did in school we adjusted everything to be mobile. When we would go for coffee it was about teaching Jon how to pick out and purchase the stuff himself. I had to laugh this only took a week to accomplish. He was amazing.


I also decided that Jon was going to become more involved in our once a week shopping trip. He had to learn to ask for things as well as pick them out and put them in the cart. Again I was impressed. I’m so incredibly proud of how quick he pick up on this as well!!


Jon is our recycling king at our house. Needless to say I didn’t have to teach him anything about this, it was apart of his routine at school and he is way better at this than I will ever be!!


We continued to do zoom meetings for math and reading. We even managed a cooking class. He totally impressed me with this one. He has a lot of talent. He is growing up and growing in knowledge. 


I am thankful that he is able to attend school in person so far this year. He loves being around his classmates and teachers. 


I’m sharing this not to brag or to bring attention to Jon, he would not enjoy that at all. I share this because we as parents need to take a step back and watch our kids. We need to realize where the are at. We need to take the time to let them TEACH US!! To show us the abilities they have learned and teach them from there. They know more than we give them credit for!!!



Stay humble