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Because of me….you think that I don”t know how to do my job? You think that I need you to be my boss when you are the same level. You think that I am nothing more to you than just another person to do things that you don’t want to do. 


BECAUSE I AM …..I show you over and over again that I know my job better than you,but I never make that comment. I will allow you to be my boss because I personally don’t like confrontation, and I just want to be a team player, and I don’t like titles, and I am more than happy to do the things you don’t want to do because I am all about making people smile and making them feel apart of my team.


Because of me……You feel the need to always correct me in a sarcastic manner and then leave me alone to deal with the customer, which I have to take the brunt of the rudeness.


BECAUSE I AM ME….I take the extra time to explain what was not originally explained to the customer and go the extra mile and make sure the customer is taken care of and that they leave my presence less stressed than when you left us.


Because of me……You feel the need to always talk about what I didn’t get done, or figure out how the things you were assigned to do were going to get completed, and why they were not assigned.


BECAUSE I AM ME…….I don’t even bother to ask what needs done, because I was taught to do things the right way by asking others to help, if there is no one to help YOU DO IT YOURSELF.




You see my friends in my world I get a lot of stuff dumped on me because I care. Some days I care too much and there are other days I totally miss that  person that really needed to talk to me. The one that has mental issues, one that just needed 5 minutes of Mary time. The one that just needed me to be there for a hug. THESE ARE THE DAYS I CAN’T MISS, but I do, because I am still learning this world. I am still learning that people like me and appreciate me. Not because I am perfect, but because I care. To me that still is very overwhelming.


I will always be “differently abled” but I don’t let that define me. I will always be a target to some because they see me as week. There is one thing for sure that I know you will never see me do and that is quit. I have made myself who I am today because I have worked hard and put my faith firmly in God’s hands. I love whom I am becoming, every day is a struggle, and I will win.


Please feel free to reachout to me. I am here and I love you. I am doing amazing things, From the Inside Out.


Love you all