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As I sit here watching the pre sale of my book, From the Inside Out, there is something I want to say about what I see.


For me, I see my book doing really well in several different categories. I am blown away by the rating of #1 and #2! I would never have dreamed that something that was not even a thought at the beginning of the year would even be possible. I really only started writing as a way to remember where I came from, something my boys could see, and show their kids. A talking point if you will.


While all these numbers are impressive and probably important to most people, to me they signal an opportunity to share something that would benefit a community that needs to hear a perspective that is not usually shared, one that most people would not even think about sharing. This is something I am extremely passionate about and have become increasingly more willing to share.


I am not your typical numbers person, instead I am more about the IMPACT that my book will have on the people that read it. I loved hearing the feedback from my publisher and my editor. They were obviously moved to tears from the content.


I have done many presentations for different people, but when I do a presentation surrounded by what I have written in my book, I don’t look at how many people are there, I look at who I am going to make an impact on. If this book IMPACTS ONE PERSON in the group that has gathered then I consider that a win. If I sell one or a hundred copies of my book that is God’s blessing to me.


I have come so far and yet I have so far to go. This book to me is another avenue to touch lives that I never knew I could touch, but God did. Between my ebook Autism in the Workplace (instructional guide for employers) and my book From the Inside Out I believe that God is guiding me in a direction that he wants me to go.


I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday September 26th for my launch party for my book

From the Inside Out.