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Hey all!! Been awhile since I last done a post so here it is!!


It’s hard to believe we are in October already!! My how time flies!!


I have been working on a few new projects over the summer!


I’m involved in the autism community and feel like I have a great working knowledge of this area of my life. 

I’m not saying I know everything but I am comfortable with where I’m at currently. 


As many of you know I am a veteran. I have made some strides to revisit this area of my life and bring my thoughts and knowledge into this part of my journey.


I’m working on looking at the commonalities with being autistic and having served my country!!


I wasn’t diagnosed with autism until I returned home after suffering a traumatic brain injury as well as a back injury. 


Having gone through all the testing and getting the results I feel like I would be the ideal person to help families who have served find the results they are seeking. 


I have put together 5 areas that I will be discussing. (See picture below) I also have some amazing people that will come along side me and begin to seek the help they need!


If you are a Veteran, have Autism or you have autistic children and are willing to visit with me, feel free to reach out. 


I also host a podcast. I would love to have you on as a guest or if you just want to visit please reach out!!




Thank you for taking the time to read this!! 


Your humble leader


Mary Nixon-Hahn ❤️ ❤️