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Hello my friends and colleagues.


I hope you are enjoying my blog posts and updates on my activity.


I want you all to understand that I keep my website simple so my readers can find things they are looking for. I value your opinions and feedback.


With that being said, I want you all to understand that I try very hard to maintain my website as a judgement free zone!


As an advocate, mother, teacher, trainer Author speaker and autistic myself, I am really very disappointed about the serious division within our community.


I am frustrated that it has come to the point of bickering over things that have changed. Things that don’t need changed and things that are taking our focus away from our children, adult children and adults that are autistic.


I believe that parents that choose to send their children to ABA therapy have done their research and that is where their child is making progress or even thriving. LEAVE THEM ALONE!! It’s what works for them! They know their children YOU DO NOT!! ABA therapy has come along ways! Welcome to 2021!!


As for labels, each person or family has been told many different ones. I for one will continue to use what’s right for myself and my family!! I would suggest you allow people to use what is comfortable for them. I personally don’t care how you view labels. Each person describes themselves the way they feel comfortable. Leave it at that.


As for Autism Speaks, seriously some people need to come into 2021!! Times have changed!! Things have changed!! Guess what?? Autism Speaks has also changed!! AS has done more for the autism community than some of you that are bad mouthing them. You need to realize as times change so does our community. EVERY DAY!!


Let’s talk about symbols. Personally, I like the puzzle piece!! I like the fact that my sons and I have taken the “missing” piece as everyone likes to say, and have worked at making it a COMPLETE PUZZLE!! Our choice!! It is also your choice of what you want to represent you infinity symbol, cool go for it!  It’s your choice DON’T PUSH IT ON OTHERS!!  I also choose to wear blue because I look amazing in blue!! I will also light it up blue BECAUSE IT’S MY CHOICE!! Wear red, wear gold, do whatever makes you and your family happy!! IT’S YOUR CHOICE!! Don’t push it on other people! 


The fact that people are pushing their agendas on other people makes me frustrated. I have watched many of my friends get shredded for saying one word wrong or offended someone because they like the puzzle piece or the like Autism Speaks or they want to wear blue…..STOP MESSING WITH OTHER PEOPLE!! If you have that much time to sit and judge people and put them on a *blacklist” maybe you need to reevaluate yourself! Maybe you need to figure out why your so angry. You need to ask God for forgiveness and start over!!


I love you my friends!! I am always available to help!!  Reach out to me if you want to talk or vent!!


 I am available to come speak, please reach out!! I would be honored!!


Hugs Mary




I also am taking a trip this next week to Florida (March 31st-April 4th)!