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My business will allow my group to provide help in navigating public school and educational opportunities. It will also assist parents that have just received diagnosis of Autism or any other developmental disabilities. We can also help with transitioning into the workforce.

  • I have a son that has attended college and 2 degrees. He currently works in the insurance industry.
  • My middle son is currently employed by Sam’s club and received help from Vocational Rehabilitation to teach him how to interview and answer questions.
  • My youngest son is a junior at Lincoln High and will be learning life skills and how to be productive within his school. I am a parent advocate.

I have 30 plus years of experience navigating school and workforce tasks. My 3 son’s have taught me some very valuable knowledge along the way!! I am available to help with virtually anything you may need help navigating. Please consider donating to my fundraiser that is posted on my events page!!

Love you all stay humble!!